​​I'm Dan, but go by my graffing name Buber Nebz. The ‘Buber’ is based on the character ‘Bubba’ from Forest Gump, whilst the ’Nebz’ was an add on and easy name to use as a tag, so the police wouldn’t associate my then official name of ‘Buber’ with the ’Nebz.’ Now I have progressed with my painting I use both terms as one, hopefully the police won’t catch on, haha.
I’m based mainly in loughborough, but do quite a few projects around the country and have ties in Nottingham.
I've been painting between 12-13 years so far, and taught myself through means of spraying walls, boards, skateparks and dilapidated factories, that for some reason seem to be a popular place to come across blindfolded hostages and weapons. After me and my mates second encounter of this, I thought it was probably a good idea to paint elsewhere, haha.
My style of graffing varies as I cover lettering, stencil-made artwork, collages and various scaled works of portraits and realism. After so many years of painting I continue to explore styles that can potentially become my signature mark. With this in mind, you will find that my most recent artwork contain ‘pixel’ like boxes.